Linda Sweeten

Lin Sweeten has been working in fused glass or "hot" glass for nine years. She learned the art form from Olive Smith, Santa Fe, New Mexico while attending art classes at Ghost Ranch, Abiqui , New Mexico. For four years she visited Ghost Ranch and worked in the medium there. Her husband then bought her a kiln and she set up a studio in her home. For the past five years she has sold her work at shows and galleries. After 37 years working in higher education, she moved to Aiken, S. C. from New Jersey and has been active in the Art Guild of Aiken and has her jewelry and other pieces in the Center for the Art.

Artist statement:
Glass is beautiful. I love working with the glass, constantly experimenting with the layering of the glass to produce different outcomes. The two firings I work with are the "full" fuse, which melts the glass into one smooth piece, and the "tac" fuse which melts the layers of glass just enough to adhere to the piece below it, giving it a 3 D effect. The full fuse layering I am working with right now involves 4 - 6 layers of dichroic glass. The results have been amazingly rich and can rival the beauty of any precious gemstone. While at times I create real life objects, such as flowers, I also enjoy random patterns. The jewelry, bowls, night lights, etc. that I produce give me joy and having others enjoy the work is what motivates me.