Staci Swider

Much of my work exists where tradition meets personal exploring the idea of one’s soul journey, as represented by a boat or vessel. As I create, I’m reminded that there is a long familial tradition of women who came before me, stitching and creating. From their whispers, I find the very foundations of my art.

I began my art career as a textile designer in the home furnishings industry and today my work "reinterprets the patterns and textures found in function-driven objects such as quilts and baskets as dreamscape imagery that straddles the line between figurative and abstract."  My work is exhibited at many galleries across the Southeast.

I am a Certified GOLDEN Artist Educator and in addition to yearly artist residencies abroad I enjoy taking groups of artists to Europe to paint. My book, Acrylic Expressions, and 4 instructional painting videos published by Random House are available at major retailers and online at Amazon.