Anne Rauton Smith

Anne Rauton Smith spends many hours in her back yard studio creating paintings of old barns and buildings with her favorite medium, pen & ink & watercolor.  Using this medium she captures her view of the rustic beauty of those age-worn structures which are fast becoming history.   “I often pass by the site of an old building that I have painted and find that it has either fallen and the remains returned to the soil, or torn down only to be replaced by a metal or vinyl building.  It makes me sad but happy that I completed a painting showing its beauty and place in history”.  She also enjoys drawing & painting all architecture and streetscapes.

Her paintings have received many awards, been used on billboards, maps, menus, t-shirts, websites, flags, books and are found in private collections in many parts of the United States and abroad.

Anne had her first art class at Anderson Junior College, Anderson, South Carolina, which led to Ringling School of Art & Design in Sarasota, Florida.  Since then she has been a part of numerous workshops given by nationally known artists.  Art took a back seat until retirement from S. C. Forestry Commission.

She is a member of Aiken Center for the Arts, Aiken Artist Guild, and South Carolina Watermedia Society and is one of The Five.  Her work is represented at Aiken Center for the Arts in Aiken, S. C., Tidwell Jewelers in Johnston, S. C., Juniper and Olde Treasures Antiques in Ridge Spring, S.C., Still Magnolias in Edgefield, S.C., and Neighbor’s Café in Batesburg, S.C.