Scott Anderson

Scott was born and raised in Needham, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston.   He attended the University of Vermont and earned a BS in mechanical engineering. He spent the next 38 years working in the aerospace industry.  Scott's career revolved around working with and for primary jet engine manufacturers to develop the next generation of aircraft engines for both commercial and military applications.

While at school, Scott minored in art and has been sketching and painting off and on since his love of art began as a pre-teen.  His retirement 7 years ago brought him and his wife to Aiken, South Carolina.  Since retirement, he has been free to spend more time painting in both oil and watercolor and has join the Aiken Artist Guild, where he has had several showings of his work.

He enjoys teaching his only student, his wife, who took up painting just this summer. The two artists enjoy spending the afternoons painting in their studio at home in Aiken.  Scott and Sharon enjoy traveling and get many of their inspirations for painting from their travels. Aside from painting, they enjoy maintaining their small horse farm and their yellow lab, Riley.