Jim O'Hara

Jim developed an interest in painting during high school, but painted only occasionally while in college and graduate school.  For the next 25 years, he pursued a career which included teaching in several universities, conducting ecological research, and providing environmental consultation.  In 1981, Jim came to Aiken where he started a research company that provided environmental studies and impact analysis for clients throughout the Southeast.  These activities allowed only sporadic periods of painting.

After retirement, Jim and his wife, Mary, enjoyed traveling to numerous countries and visiting major art museums in many of them.  He began painting again, with many of his works reflecting both their travel and his interest in the aquatic environment.  His only formal training has been a one semester course with Al Beyer.

The past three years, Jim has exhibited at the Aiken Artist Guild annual show at the Aiken Center for the Arts, the Horses and Courses Show in Aiken, and at the Family Y.