Celeste Malinowski

I distinctly remember that my interest in art began with those old black and white Saturday morning John Gnagy drawing shows.  In high school I used to draw celebrities and send the drawings off to be autographed which resulted in my friends expecting me to draw their boyfriends from tiny blurry photographs.

There was very little time for art in those busy years of raising kids and working as a Special Education teacher but I did take the occasional art class at the local Art Center and every few years I would produce something which was worthy of hanging on a wall.

By some great good fortune, my husband and I found ourselves transplanted from Massachusetts to Aiken after retirement and suddenly my somewhat dormant interest in art exploded.  The Arts Center offered wonderful classes.  The AAG, consisting of very friendly and very talented artists, offered opportunities to exhibit.  Gorgeous Aiken scenery just begged to be photographed and painted.  Oh what fun and satisfaction I am having creating portraits, landscapes and seascapes.

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