Kimberly Boucher

Kimberly Boucher was born in Spartanburg, SC. Throughout her primary school years, Kimberly took art classes offered at the schools she attended, with her interests primarily in sketching with pencil. After graduating from high school, she attended college in Aiken, taking painting and drawing classes as electives. Prior to graduation, she met and married her husband and started a family. Their family grew over the following years to seven children. During the majority of this season of child rearing and homeschooling her seven children, the only artistic expression time allowed for was limited to wall murals in her home and the homes of a few friends. It wasn’t until Fall of 2018 that her schedule became conducive to taking a few art classes. At the encouragement of her art instructor and family members, Kimberly started painting again with the intent of selling to the general public. This was the beginning of a new season that has filled every free moment with commissions, an award for Best New Artist at the Aiken Artist Guild Show 2019, as well as preparation in her first art show at the Aiken Center for the Arts. Kimberly’s faith in God has deeply impacted her work, defining the beauty in the world around us and focusing on the complexity that exists in the simplicity of God’s creations. Kimberly’s love lies in the world of realism, as she tries to share with her audience that which she finds beautiful.