Chilly Waters

Chilly Waters has a high level of creativity and a passion for art. Once a marketing executive for a global corporation, he now channels his creativity into creating one of kind clay sculptures that often include reclaimed mixed media materials. These sculptures are 3D representations of his imagination in action and allow him to empty his mind of all the additives that collect in there. They are his imagination coming to life. His goal is to make things that invoke feelings of joy or curiosity. Well, that and to become a space cowboy or a Marvel superhero - whichever comes first.  He finds inspiration in listening to people, observing what they say or do. Often times when he hears a word or a phrase, he visualizes it in his mind and has to create a 3D image of it. He also sees discarded "junk" as components of art that have yet to reach their full potential, and wonders what it could be if it had a second chance. Once an idea is realized, he grabs a chunk of clay and start to create.