Jim O’Hara

Artist Biography

I am originally from New Jersey and I majored in Biology at Antioch College in Ohio. I then attended the University of Miami in Florida where I completed my Master’s and Ph.D. degrees, married, and started a family.


I taught field biology and aquatic ecology at universities in New York and Ohio before branching into environmental consulting. In 1981, a friend and I started a  company in Aiken where our research provided environmental and chemical data and analysis for small companies and large corporations as well as local, state and federal agencies throughout the southeast.

While I have always had an interest in art, my oil painting efforts have been scattered over many decades; sometimes with many year lapses when other demands took priority.

After retirement, we travelled to many parts of the world and went to the major museums in most of the countries we visited.   In the past few years, my interests broadened and I started painting again.   Many of my paintings reflect our travel and my interest in the aquatic environment.

Yellowstone Bridge
Jim O'Hara 006
Foggy Morning

Dragon’s Mouth Spring
Lake Como
Frozen Falls
The Watering Hole