Ray Kent at the Family Y

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Raymond Kent

Aiken County Family YMCA

May, 2017

Art is a wonderful way to express yourself and your thought process especially while looking at photographs.  I love having the opportunity to change what is already something pleasant to look at and to add what I think may make it look even better.  For example, I have eliminated power lines, roof exhausts and an old antenna from an otherwise nice looking home,   I have changed the color of some homes, added trees or shrubs where there were none and eliminated others that took away from the subject.  I have added long, early morning shadows to an obvious daytime scene and added stormy clouds to a background that eliminated the shadows.  Snow can be added or eliminated or an aging pine tree can be miraculously converted to a very vibrant young birch tree.

All scenes can be changed to what you are attempting to portray.  I love to take the background from one especially nice photo and place it into another painting.  An artist can change mornings to afternoons, blue skies to gray, breezy days to windless.  Streams can be added or deleted, subjects can be moved to the opposite side of the scene.  It’s all in the eye and the imagination of the artist.

Whatever this artistic liberty may be called it makes painting a very enjoyable, creative and rewarding pastime.