Luisa Somodi at ACA

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Aiken Center for the Arts

122 Laurens Street, SW

Aiken, SC  29801


Luisa Somodi

The theme of my solo exhibit through the Aiken Artist Guild records an important event in Aiken’s history:The story of the famous old white oak called the “Maid
Marion Tree”. A part of the city for as long as Aiken existed, she was one of our original residents. Aikenites rallied to save this historic tree when it became diseased. The Plein Air Artists decided to paint and record this famous historic tree.However, it started to drizzle, so  our group decided to return the
following week. I stayed to take many photos.That week the heavy rains and gusting winds were the demise of this mighty oak.Sad, but at least she fell to nature, rather than the chain saw. Then came the announcement :” If you want a piece of history, come and get a souvenir of “Maid Marion!” I stood for hours to receive slices of this massive oak…upon which my art is now painted. Included is an oil painting of the Marion Tree on canvas.There is also a series of paintings of another lovely legacy in Aiken: Hopeland Gardens. These paintings come alive with vivid, rich and happy colors. For me, painting is an exciting adventure.It is both an endless challenge and a perpetual joy. “Art is a gift of God, and must be used unto His glory.”Russian-born, I spent my early years in New York City. After marriage, settled in Greenwich, Connecticut, and graduated from The Famous Artists School. Besides exhibiting in Connecticut art societies, I held a solo art exhibit at the Bruce Museum. Unfortunately, for financial reasons, my passionate art activities had to be put on hold. I taught private piano lessons for the
next 35 years. Upon moving to Aiken, I resumed painting again, passionately! As an active member of the Aiken Artist Guild, I have exhibited numerous times at the Aiken Center for the Arts, the South Carolina State Fair, the Kroc Center in Augusta, Kit Fox, the Family Y is Graniteville, the Arts and Heritage Center in North Augusta, and the Aiken County Museum. I look forward to seeing you there, as we share some lovely images of Aiken!